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Are you camera-shy or feel like you are not photogenic enough? May be you do not know how to pose and click in front of the camera even if you are at a professional photography studio? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many people out there who fail to pose right and lack the expressions in front of the camera. Nervousness and the embarrassment to seeing ‘’not-so-good-looking’’ images drive you away from the camera.

At Sydney Hotshots, we click your best photos and will teach you to pose and click yourself with the expressions that give nothing but the perfect shots. Once you will meet us, you will learn the art of clicking just like a pro in a span of a few short-duration sessions.

Whether it is a selfie or a groupie click, you will always say ‘’WOW’’ when you see your best image. Sydney Hotshots will teach you how to look 85% better than your previous images. You will get to know how to click professional photos for your professional profile, social media profile and as an enterprise. Look nothing less than a celebrity with the right expressions and pose. All you need is a little guidance, training and the insights of building the right images.

Know the bright side of portraits, headshots, profile or display pictures. Understand what makes an average face appear million dollar bucks. Sydney Hotshots will spill the beans and reveal the secret behind clicking the images in a professional manner with the accurate tips, tricks and lights. Focus on the features, and post your amazing pictures on various online platforms. Get all the praises, comments and likes that you have always been waiting for. But before that, do not wait and call Sydney Hotshots to end your wait for looking gorgeous and unbelievably beautiful.

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My Passion = Your Moments

We understand that most people feel nervous and don't like their photograph taken and don't believe they are not photogenic. During each and every session that we do, we prove it to our clients that being photogenic is very easy. Our sessions are designed to not only give you amazing imagery but for you to leave the studio with a self esteem and confidence that helps you to be photographed and look good anytime someone points a camera at you.Profile photos have become a necessity in todays Business market , corporate world and your business website regardless of how small or big your business is.

Professional Sydney Headshots And Portraits

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Frequently Asked Question

How To Prepare For A Professional Portrait Or Headshot

Professional Portrait Or Headshot
  • Clothing ChoicesClothing Choices
  • Clothing should suit your objectives in terms of how you would like to look and what looks you are trying to achieve . It depends on your job, for example if you are an actor you can wear shorts, jeans , T shirts or collared shirt without a tie to give you a casual looks but if you are in corporate world or if you are a doctor or a lawyer you will have formal looks and preferably wear a jacket. Some organisations may also have guidelines for a consistency in staff photos. It is a good idea to check with your work place. For men, light coloured suits are not advisable. Jewelery is best kept minimal, and bare arms or short sleeves are sometimes not advisable for corporate photos.

    Very light, or skin toned colours, such as pink, peach and yellow, and busy patterns are best avoided, however light to medium colours that are reasonably strong can work well.

    Clothing should be well ironed, particularly men's shirts, which also look best if new or nearly new. During the shoot clients are welcome to change their clothing, jackets, tops, ties etc.

  • Hair Preparation Hair Preparation
  • Hair, particularly for women, is one of the most important things to prepare for a good portrait outcome. Recently styled hair is great, but may hold better if done the day before, and given a final touch up on the day of the shoot if thats what you want . Its generally best to use a style that you are familiar with. Flyaways can be distracting, and it's best if the hair sits as a solid mass. For men a recent haircut, about a week before, and freshly shaven is also a good idea. If the photo is being done later in the day, a second shave may be advisable.

  • Makeup and Skin Makeup and Skin
  • Makeup is important, and most women should apply that best suits them. Not too powdery, and in natural skin type tones. Eye makeup is desirable, but again not too heavy or brightly coloured eye shadow. You may choose to have professional makeup applied for the shoot.

    For men no makeup is required, and any skin issues are best resolved in the retouching.

  • GlassesGlasses
  • Glasses do vary according to the size, coatings, tints, and shape. Some glasses do flare from lighting to some extent. If you can do without the glasses that would be bonus, otherwise we will try to arrange lighting to minimise any flare, and can also remove it during the retouching.

Individual Studio Pricing
Discounts available for 2+ people


For Those on The Run
  • 45 Minute Session
  • Two PERFECTLY Edited Photo
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Plenty of parking or few minutes walk from station
  • Translucent powder application
  • Extra photos can be purchased at reasonable prices
  • All prices are inclusive of 10% GST.


Our Most Popular Package
  • 1 Hour Session
  • Three PERFECTLY Edited Photos
  • Multiple Background Options
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Plenty of Parking or few minutes walk from station
  • Translucent Powder application
  • Extra photos can be purchased at reasonable prices
  • All prices are inclusive of 10% GST.


    The Ultimate Experience
  • 1.5 Hour Session
  • Five PERFECTLY Edited Photos
  • Multiple Background Options
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Plenty of parking or few minutes walk from station
  • Translucent powder application
  • Extra photos can be purchased at reasonable prices
  • All prices are inclusive of 10% GST.

Hair and Makeup Services for Ladies

Full makeup application
$160 (Paid directly to makeup artist)
Hair styling (one style) and full makeup
$250 (Paid directly to makeup artist)

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Sydney Headshots And Portraits

Our corporate headshots, business portraits and profile photos are shot to convey confidence coupled with approachability in order to have you looking your very best. Together we’ll create a professional look that you are proud of and you will walk away with fantastic images to use for your marketing purposes.

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