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An environmental portrait is what depicts You and your environment. It is a portrait of your work or home environment, and typically illustrates the life and surroundings of a person. These are natural portray of an individual, different from traditional portraits shot in an artificial environment with special effects. An environmental portrait is more crucial and tough to shoot as they seem more authentic and natural. A great environmental portrait should display the overall personality and lifestyle of the subject. It requires to getting know and understand well your subject before going for a shoot.

An environmental portrait is an impression produced in a place where the subject lives, works, performs or follows his passion. This portrait tells the story of who the subject is, about their passion, their strength, and qualities.

Environmental Portraits by Sydney headshots and portraits create an illustrative story by showing you in your environment. We Produce Portraits at the work location which gives deeper insight and greater context about you. Our Environmental Portraits allows the audience to dive into the life of the subject and to get a feel for them. Our distinctive photographic style captures the true character of any subject and works in concert with key marketing strategies. Our special photographic skills showcase your vision and beliefs. Sydney Headshots and Portraits has a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in corporate photography. Sydney headshots have lots of creative and original ideas to capture the environments which convey this message through vibrant, energetic imagery. Environmental Portraits by Sydney headshots and portraits showcase you as a brand and improves your professional and corporate identity. Before every shoot, we provide a pre-shoot consultation and careful location planning. For better experience and exceptional photography please contact Sydney headshots and portraits team.

My Passion = Your Moments

We understand that most people feel nervous and don't like their photograph taken and don't believe they are not photogenic. During each and every session that we do, we prove it to our clients that being photogenic is very easy. Our sessions are designed to not only give you amazing imagery but for you to leave the studio with a self esteem and confidence that helps you to be photographed and look good anytime someone points a camera at you.Profile photos have become a necessity in todays Business market , corporate world and your business website regardless of how small or big your business is.

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Our corporate headshots, business portraits and profile photos are shot to convey confidence coupled with approachability in order to have you looking your very best. Together we’ll create a professional look that you are proud of and you will walk away with fantastic images to use for your marketing purposes.

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